Polda NTB Open SMS Traffic Center

Police in West Nusa Tenggara (Polda NTB) open special service concerning traffic problem through a SMS center 6668585. That service is part of proactive attitude for a better service dedicated to the community in this region. Besides, local police force also conducted moving socialization regarding traffic regulation used prowl car at the main roads in Mataram city.

According to the head of Communal Communication of Public Relationship sub division Polda NTB, Ajun Komisaris Lalu Wirajaya, that SMS center facility is opened for the convenient of traffic users. “One example here such as traffic light disturbance, if people on road text us then it will get easier for us to react faster than usual,” he said on Thursday (February 4) in the afternoon.

In NTB, vehicle additional number each year is quite big. If in 2008 number of motorcycles, were 569.426 units then in 2009 it has already 781.686, increased for 212.560 units. Meanwhile, passenger transportation cars increase for about 3.000 units and 2.500 units for goods transportation cars.

Before, the traffic director of Polda NTB, Ajun Komisaris Besar Adnas mentioned the traffic accidents took place in that region cost its driver died for about 432 people. “They just died like that on the road. I worried for those who did not wear helmet,” he said. It is not included for those who heavily injured for about 489 people and those who had minor injuries were 666 people. Then, for about material losses was Rp 1.498 billion.

News by Lombok News

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